About the KT Team

Kerry Terrell and Jason Beard have been turkey hunting together for more than 20 years. Jason has been paralyzed from the neck down since July 4, 1995, due to a diving accident. Through a passion for turkey hunting and encountering the challenges Jason has faced as a quadriplegic, Kerry and Jason have developed tools and strategies to overcome Jason’s physical challenges. The KT Team was formed as a way to help deploy these tools and strategies for others to enjoy, too, because we really believe the outdoors are for everyone. The KT Team is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and operates off of the generosity of others. If you would like to donate towards helping others enjoy the outdoors again, you can give a recurring gift or a one-time donation using the link below.

Meet The Team

These are the faces and the names behind everything at The KT Team. This group of men are dedicated to helping our physcially-challenged friends regain the ability to enjoy the outdoors again.

Jason Beard


Kerry H. Terrell


Steve Sanders


Zach Conaway


WC Hodges


Trey Miller

Board Member

Elmer Miller

Board Member

Help others enjoy the outdoors again.

Upcoming Events

Whether it’s speaking engagements, deer hunting, turkey hunting, or fishing, we’ve got something going to help people enjoy the outdoors again.


Thank you to all of our sponsors who help us make these outdoor dreams come true.